11 April 2013

Greening the flood affected catchments

The 2010 flashflood in Leh caused unprecedented loss of life and property. After relief operations, Pragya concentrated its efforts in livelihood rehabilitation. The women of Ney, Nang, Umla, Chaksa, Hanu Yogma, Igoolankur, Taru, Stambardo villages under guidance of Pragya’s Thematic Specialists have been working towards rebuilding their lives. Ms. Sonam Yandol, Ms. Dechen Dolma and others have reclaimed over 7 acres of land to set up fodder farms and woodlots in their villages. The early gains have been visible within just 5 months, reducing the physical stress on women. An inspired Ms. Yangdol announces, “next year we will double the area under fodder farm”. Such endeavors have benefited around 200 households in Leh so far.

Bringing children back to schools

The earthquakes and aftershocks which struck Nepal in 2015 had an enormous impact on the country’s poorest communities. The effect on Nepal...