28 December 2013

DEISPI for improving students’ performance

Pragya is piloting DEISPI, a tool to improve learning levels, instructional quality, school infrastructure & management, and educational policy planning.

It generates performance scores for participating schools, teachers, students and target districts based on pre-set performance thresholds and also prescribes remedial actions as required. Teachers, students, school committees recently attended sessions in Uttarkashi as part of the pilot phase across Himalayan district.

20 December 2013

Solar dryers for Himalayan farmers

The farmers of Themgaram and the neighbouring cluster of villages were helped to set up a Solar Dryer as a shared facility to dry their farm produce. These structures are portable and easy to assemble and dismantle. Similar structures are being set up by Pragya across several other Himalayan districts. These sites would also have weather resistant food storage facilities as a comprehensive measure to ensure food security for remote high altitude villages.

Bringing children back to schools

The earthquakes and aftershocks which struck Nepal in 2015 had an enormous impact on the country’s poorest communities. The effect on Nepal...