28 June 2019

Towards a brighter future...

Pragya is operating a skill building program for adolescent girls & women in Rajasthan, India. This is a project where we have targeted girls and women between age 15-30 years, often from tribal, impoverished families. We aim to place them in the hospitality, IT and retail sectors after they are trained in our Empowerment Centres in Dungarpur and Udaipur districts in Rajasthan. The initiative seeks to improve the provision of vocational skill-building and livelihoods development services in the area. We aspire to guide the individuals in setting up their own micro-enterprises or in finding paid employment. 
Champa shows products
to a potential customer at the shop
Champa Baranda is a first-year student of BA Political Science at a college in Dungarpur, and she has recently completed Pragya’s vocational training. Due to the health circumstances of her father, she has to support all her family members. Champa now has a retail job in a local saree shop, and she works everyday from 10am to 6pm. The owner of the store pays Champa a monthly stipend, and she has been given assurances of earning higher income and receiving benefits after she gains some experience. Champa says, “I want to study further and do a sustainable job with good income to look after my family”. She also adds that “this job is a stepping stone in my career and I will work hard for fulfilling my ambition”. 
Over time Pragya has expanded this project to the Delhi NCR area as well. In this region, we offer our program to both boys and girls who require vocational training. 
Neeraj and Anuj Sharma (both 18 years old) enrolled in our data entry course after completing their 12th standard. Following completion of the course, they found employment at the Income Tax Department in Gurgaon, Haryana. Neeraj remarked that “the course was just right for him and the teacher explained all concepts very well”. This program gave Neeraj and Anuj the opportunity to learn how to use Microsoft word, excel, relevant formulas and pictorial representations of data. Moreover, it built up their confidence and they are now both very satisfied with their jobs.
Skill building course underway at Pragya's Gurgaon centre
The list of beneficiaries is constantly growing, and it gives us immense pride to share how they have reaped the rewards of our skill-building program. The list of employers that have hired these individuals includes companies and organizations from both the private sector and public sector. 
Learn more about this initiative here.

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